Gold Factory Money Machine

Gold is the very popular in jewelry and in pokies as well. They give handsome amount if you hit jackpot. I remember those days when I used to play in Australia. It was the very good time pass for me. Whenever I went in any country I always try casino there. But personally I liked Aussie pokies very much. Sometime I find some cheat codes related to one which I am playing. Wiki how website also proves very helpful for me if sometime I found any difficulty and googled that about it.

Once I went to the Dubai for my meeting and I was waiting for my flight at airport. But my flight was late around 2-3 hours so I downloaded the gold factory on my phone from the betway casino official site. Basically the then of this one based on the gold theme with the lovely colors like red, gold and blue. The symbols which it consists are hot air balloons, submarines, workers, gold coins, train and many symbols related to factory.

So try your luck with this and may be you will win its unlocked jackpot round which only can be played by the gamer on the 9th round. If you hesitate playing with real money then you can play with demo which also available on the net. It offers you free credits by which you can try some free spins and if you win you can play more with these credits.

The soundtrack of this slot are very good and it reminds me my childhood days cartoon shows which I like the most like tom and jerry, tweety and noddy etc. the graphics and interface which are used in this one is totally on the theme of precious metal which is same as the entitled one.

This event has been designed by the microgaming which facilitates the user to go on with certain reel and paylines. This machine has 5 reel and 50 payline based and this game is one of the best choice of the Australian pokies. This is very bright color extraordinary video slot machine which attracts every player because of its precious metal concept. I hope when you will play you like it and earn money more and more.

Gold Coast Luck Game

Last summer vacations I went to the Australia near my uncle. He worked into the gold mines there. The weather of that place where he worked very hot due to the mines. He came at the airport to pick me up. After that we went to the home, there my cousin was waiting for me. Next day we went to the many places, there I watch marathon, city council center, libraries, museums, art center, dream world and zoo by bus. After that I was very tired and next day he was going on the cruise. So he asked me to go with him and I went with him.

We reached on the cruise, it was very beautiful. After that I went to the day spa and I felt really relaxed after it. I saw many couples there who came on the honeymoon packages. I sat in the cafeteria then my cousin asked me to play online casino games. I was new in this field but I took it as a challenge a tried my luck with it. There was also very big casino club and many people were playing online and offline slot machines.

So my cousin started playing games and I searched some good ones which give good winning chances and money. Suddenly I found one which was Gold coast. This one was offering good amount and bonuses with amazing prizes. So I played it and is 3 reel and 5 payline pokie machine who are having the symbols like single bar, double bar and triple bars, hibiscus flower, 7s and lucky gold coast symbols. All of these your luck is also depend on this so try it with your luck and hope you win.

Goblins Gold Pokie

I am writing this blog post because I love gambling and I know the addiction of any thing is very harmful for everyone. When I was in merlin for my vacations with my some friends there I used to play casino games with my friends. They went to the land based gambling clubhouses so did i. There I played many slot machines like gold armor, terminator 2, fruit salad, fruit fiesta, genies gems and my favourite one goblin gold. Basically here I am giving you the review about this one.

I played this very and won many cash with it. So I googled it and found the gaming app for my android device and downloaded it. Also I found the apk file which I gave to my friend to play. So when I created my account with it, it gave me welcome bonus. Then I saw a small machine on my phone and a coin adder to insert the virtual coin which I purchased from the paypal account. Or if you want to know more about this so many guides and rule books are also available on the net. On the youtube there are also many online videos related to this so you can see them and get the idea how to play it.

If I talk about the pokie machine so the concept of all ones are almost similar. They all need to spin the reels and whatever combinations comes if it matches you win otherwise you lose that. This is a fantasy or I can say science fiction theme based and the symbols which are used BARS. But this slot does not offer any fantastic payout like other give. Gambling machines gives the wide variety of games with different type of themes and the extra and unique features. If you try this one it will give you good feel with its graphics and interface. So let’s take a try and get a chance to earn more with it.

Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat

Being a gamer there are many things which we need to remember, like I remember an incident which learnt me a lot. I went to the online gambling clubhouse with my friend there I did not know much about these slots and in the excitement I bet with one of the experienced player. My friend warned me not to do but I did. I asked him some basic rules about the game named Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat and bet for 3 rounds. I was overconfident about that I can easily win it. But unfortunately I lost that one.

I was very disappointed with myself and then I thought I will back my money which I lost. So after returning home I opened my laptop and searched about this one. Many different portals and forums gave me suggestions, tips and rules. After that I downloaded that game on my laptop and phone as well. And in starting I played with free spins and I must say that this pokie machine has something which I play again and again or I can say the girls with guns what a unique and interesting combination.

Basically it was 243 ways winning combination poker with the unusual theme. So I really enjoyed it and the best thing is the free spins which was very helpful for the learners that they can play some chances for practice without paying any single penny.

The graphics and the features of this one show itself that this is very modern machine for the young Aussie gamblers. If you hit three or more than these scattered symbols in any chance then you will get 15 other free game chances with wild reel on every spin. So try your luck with this and win real money.

Gladiator: The Epic Slot Machine

Who would have not seen the movie, actually I haven’t. Actually I am not a big fan of periodic movies that roam around fact and give the rollaway of time. I fact I came to know about it by my colleague when he told me about this new slot game entered in the industry. So being a player I decided to watch the movie itself first, so very first I checked its rating on IMDB and then tried to watch it on live stream but it didn’t play so I made it download on my pc.

When I saw it then I understood the true meaning of gladiator, it was really amazing the cast, the soundtrack, the actor, the actress all did hell of a job there. The theme and the story were based on the arena where the braves use to fight for themselves and the country. In other words life was pretty hard those days.

After checking out the movie I went for the pokie machine themed on it, which is a 5 reel, 50 pay line slots available to you by the king of slot makers Microgaming. Then I looked for the pokie review and some tutorial videos on how to play it and some important things to keep in mind while playing it. It really helped a lot when I played the game with the free play I found while roaming on the web. The slot got some really great features like amazing graphics, thrilling and exciting music and big jackpots to win while enjoying the game.

That’s how I played and watch the movie on a same day and it was a pretty good day I enjoyed it with beers and snack on the table and also made some bucks while virtually travelling to the coliseums of Rome. And from that day my taste towards the periodic movies got changes and I started liking them and watch many after this particular one.

Online Casinos: Play Freeslots With Best Online Pokies And No Deposit Bonus Needed, And Get Real Money

If you have adored the blondes in military costumes saving the world from eternity like me then you surely going to like this slot game I played recently. I am talking about the slot that just boomed itself just after it entered in the industry called the “Girls with Guns”, this casino game is designed by the microgaming company and you can find it on many different site where you can play free online pokies no deposit bonus required and you can easily get some real money with it, so try it.

This amazing slot can get you everything you would wish in a perfect; obviously it got glamour, a nice theme, good animation and graphics but most importantly the money. It is a 243 ways to win instead of pay lines and considered to be one of the pokie that change the concept of pay lines. The reason why I liked it pretty much is that it got wild symbols, free spins and I can win up to 1900000 coins while playing and enjoying it.

Usually I prefer playing the pokie for trial if I am playing it for first time. Even I read some reviews and also check the ratings of the pokie on some genuine websites to make sure that I am going in good direction. And I also think that it is a good habit to take the free play of the game in the beginning and for that you can arrange some free spins by making register on the vendor website. And if you want to make some big bucks then you can simply go for the real money. To play for the real money you can buy credits via PayPal and some other payment gateways. But I would personally suggest you the PayPal because of its authenticity and acceptance. That way I made plenty of bucks with the pokie and additionally enjoyed the play as well.